Rambos of the road thesis

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Rambos of the road thesis

Perhaps it is this way with other young drivers, we are more courteous and patient when are parents are with us when driving. But when I am with my friends my car become a rollercoaster ride, I drive fast and carelessly. My parents do not get road rage therefore they set a good example for me, to drive the way they do. If I were to have more supervision now then maybe I wouldnt be so careless when I am with my friends and less anxious when by myself.

Many people do not fully understand the effect that road rage can have on a person until they are faced with it.

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By the time this first encounter occurs it is too late to turn back, they are at the mercy of there anger. But we can prevent this from happening by requiring Anger management for every driver before they get there license. Anger management teaches how to become tolerant of others who provoke us and it also helps us repress our anger. I believe that requiring this will help drivers to avoid problems like fighting over a parking space, speeding up when others intend to pass us and so on. Gottfried recalls the suggested advice from a New York taxi driver when faced with road rage, drive as if youre deaf and blind.

You dont hear the other guys horn and you sure as hell dont see him. Ignoring other drivers is an excellent way to stop the spreading of road rage. Because that is what road rage is the transferring of frustration from one driver to another. By ignoring this other driver we prevent a fight and the anger from escalating.

Also we realize how ridiculous it is to get upset over a traffic jam. And therefore not wanting to look ridiculous ourselves we do not get road rage.

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In conclusion, I do think that we can control road rage by learning from our elders how to drive with tolerance and responsibility. We can change the law requirements to receive a license by adding an anger management class to the standards. Then we as individuals should put the knowledge we got from the anger management class to work by ignoring others on the road and focusing on driving safely.

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Hopefully with this new knowledge we could see a decline in road rage. Lord of the Flies. Macbeth-Aristotelian Trajedy.

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