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Photo Essay: Inauguration of President Hiram Chodosh | The Forum

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Add this product to your your basket Qty. Nobody has asked a question about this product yet Ask a question about this product. Keeping covenants protects us, prepares us and empowers us.

Photo Essay of the Second Inauguration of President Barack Obama

We enter the gate to the path of eternal life with the ordinance and covenant of baptism, and then we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. A video featuring footage of women and children in eight countries and speaking nine languages was played during the broadcast. I have seen your strength.

I have seen your faith. You have something to give and are willing to give it.

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You do this without fanfare or publicity, drawing attention to the God you worship, not yourselves, and with no thought of what you will receive. President Eyring spoke about the joy of making and keeping sacred covenants with God.

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He sees not only what you are but what you may become. My mother was the one who had carefully prepared me for making that covenant and for all others that would follow. A member female choir, comprised of women and girls from 8 years old to 80, performed during the meeting.

Video Essay: Inauguration in Photos