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Besides online firms, the study will also focus on how we are seeing a rising demand for bespoke tweed suits and jackets, which has given a new lease of life to the tweed industry which was on the verge of collapse earlier. We offer you best quality dissertations at the lowest price!

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Topic Description : For more than twenty years, carpets have dominated the floor coverings market in Britain, in terms of its share in the total sales volume. However, it is expected that as the real estate market especially the market of residential properties improves, the other types of floor coverings — such as laminates, wood, and vinyl — may see a rise in demand and emerge as mighty competitors to the carpet industry. It has also been noted that the carpet industry is changing over the years too.

We also notice that the rich ornamental patterns like the ones made famous by Wilton and Axminster gave way to plain block colours, and then saw a comeback of the patterns in This dissertation will conduct interviews with professional designers and customer surveys to explore how the carpet industry in the UK has changed in the last two decades, and study the supply and demand trends in a city. It will also seek to analyse and explain how the demand of carpet patterns pattern-plain-pattern is cyclical in nature.

Stand Mixer, it has remained one of the most desirable kitchen appliances.

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The product excellence, classic design, durability of the product, and pretty looks make it an iconic product. Today, it is available in several colours, besides the original black one. Topic Description : According to Pirkl, a trans-generational design is about making products and building environments that make life easier for the elderly. Such products need to be compatible with the physical and sensory impairments that strike us as we age and limit our capabilities to activities we perform on a daily basis.

This dissertation will conduct interviews and do tick-box surveys of people who are more than 70 years old and living in Winchester to study their mobile phone demands. We will employ quantitative analysis techniques to determine how slimmer and smaller mobile phones may not be suitable for an ageing demographic, and make recommendations on how the leading manufacturers can design better mobile phones for the elderly.

Many people suggest that your first main piece of work should be the literature review, for quite good reasons: It allows you to gain enough initial knowledge to help you guide your research It allows you to get writing — often a major stumbling block — and then edit later I suggest that your first piece of work should be the abstract and introduction for these reasons: Writing a half page abstract allows you to describe what your project adds up to.

It really helps you discuss your plans with your supervisor Writing the introduction allows you to describe your research design in enough depth to reflect on it is coherence and feasibility.

It allows you to make sense of a quite general format for research publications in many fields : theory, method, results. Identify the relevant theory or literature. In some cases, the potentially relevant literature is vast if you have, for example: A too-general question about political parties or elections.

One good solution is to ask if say the advocacy coalition framework or multiple streams analysis helps explain your case study. Or, I have supervised many good dissertations asking: what can X government learn from Y government about solving Z policy problem? Action point 3. Make sure to connect your research question to a well-defined literature and do a preliminary literature search to see what is out there Identify your method to gather information.

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Rather, I will encourage you to ask yourself: Why are you choosing this method? Does it relate clearly to your research question? Or, have you begun with the most interesting sounding method? Or, do you have some sort of connection that gets you access, which seems a shame not to use? Are you prepared to do a literature review on your chosen method? What do you realistically expect to get from your method?

What will you do if it goes wrong?

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Action point 4 Discuss your choice of data collection with your supervisor. Think about how you will analyse and interpret the results. This part tends to make the difference between a very good or an excellent dissertation. Raul Pacheco-Vega gives many useful examples in Distinguishing between description and analysis in academic writing Put most simply, simple description involves summarising things.

For example, you might: Evaluate the size of the results according to your expectations. Does a survey result seem unusual? Describe how much one should rely on the results. Does the result seem important after taking into account a margin of error?

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Describe the wider context. Does the result mark a change over time, or seem different from another country? Relate a case study result to your literature review.

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Is your case unusual, or as expected? Action point 5 Clarify the difference between summary and analysis Be clear about the conclusion. All rights reserved. Useful Directions for Dissertation writers.

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