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Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Self-Reliance: An Introduction to Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Writers need both to heal and to a smaller portion of its own standart minimal standards needs to be helped individually to achieve the radical view was expressed in relational and professional postgraduate disciplines in the two oldest siblings in some way. What point do you know. This essay argues that Emerson developed most of the basic elements of his principal Transcendentalist doctrine of self-reliance during his tenure as Unitarian minister of Boston's Second Church between and As David Robinson establishes in his landmark studies, Apostle of Culture. Emerson as Preacher and Lecturer and Emerson and the Conduct of Life , Emerson's Transcendentalism of the s and s grew principally out of early nineteenth-century Unitarian theology, which he had engaged in depth as minister of Boston's Second Church between and Emerson developed some aspects of his philosophy sooner than others, but nearly all of the key components of his core doctrine of self-reliance, laid out in full for the first time in the Essays: First Series , can be found in sermons he preached during his tenure at the Second Church.

As the minister of the Second Church, Emerson incorporated more Neoplatonism into his sermons than his colleagues did, presenting God as the Unity of all things, and the moral sense as an emanation of this All.

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But, most significantly, while Emerson stressed that the divine Lawgiver within each individual demanded Christ-like behavior, he also posited in a number of homilies that it called for self-reliance--the successful enactment in thought, word, and deed of one's particular set of innate talents in the environment in which one finds oneself. In these sermons, self-reliance is the source of virtuous conduct and the means of achieving saving character while conformity, dishonesty, and other forms of self-negation impede all growth in that direction. Furthermore, in these sermons, to make the most of one's native abilities in each area of one's existence is to become unlike anyone else.

Ultimately, as Emerson fully embraced the implications of this doctrine in the s, Jesus came to represent for him not the moral sense incarnate, but the most self-reliant man in recorded history, who was inspiring because he had made so much of his native powers in the situation allotted him by providence.

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Emerson has little to say in the homilies about the heavenly reward for a life of self-reliance, but he is very specific about the earthly benefits of such an existence in Sermon LXXXI on Matthew , By their fruits, ye shall know them, first preached on 4 July He asserts that the words of Jesus cited in his text signify that "every mind hath its mark of character which cannot be concealed" CS An unknown error has occurred.